Scholarship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?
All male students under 35 years of age who (1) identify themselves as gay, (2) are U.S. citizens and (3) will have graduated from high school, or received their GED Certificate, by June of the application year are eligible to apply. Graduate level candidates may also apply.

2. Can females apply?
No. There are many scholarship programs that focus specifically on supporting female students, just as there are scholarship programs that are restricted to applicants from certain ethnic groups, particular states, or students studying in particular fields.

3. How do I apply?
Go to and click on the “Apply for a scholarship” link. All scholarship applications must be submitted through our online process.

4. What is the deadline?
Applications and essays must be electronically post-marked by March 31.

5. How much are the scholarships?
Each year the Gamma Mu Foundation’s Board of Directors sets the amount for the Scholarship Awards; historically they have ranged $1,000-$2,500 per award.

6. My tuition is covered by other scholarships. Can I use the award for other expenses?
No. Scholarship checks are made payable and mailed directly to the educational institution for tuition, books, and fees associated with your program of study.

7. Can I win an award for more than one year?
Scholarships are awarded and must be used in a specific academic year. You may, however, apply for and receive up to four of these individual scholarships.

8. Who administers the selection process?
The Gamma Mu Board of Directors has a Scholarships Committee made up of Foundation Fellows from around the nation who review and rate the applications. They make recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Directors who approve the final recipients.

9. Are the scholarships only for undergraduate study?
No. At least one scholarship each year is awarded to a gay male student for post-graduate studies.

10. Can I apply if I am attending a trade/technical school or other professional training program? How about on-line study programs?
We welcome applications from gay male students who are pursuing any type of post-secondary trade or technical training programs. However, we do not fund on-line study programs.

11. My grades and/or test scores aren’t the best. Will that disqualify me?
Not at all. The heart of the application process is the essay question on page three. If you’ve encountered tough challenges in life, explain them there. We look for students who want to better themselves in the future.

12. Do I have to be a full-time student?
Ideally, yes. But we recognize that financially, even with other scholarships and student loans, it is not possible to always go to school full-time. Make sure to explain your personal situation in the essay. Just remember that the entire scholarship award is paid directly to the educational institution.

13. What is your focus on students from “rural” areas?
Read our web site and history and you will see that for over two decades the niche of the Gamma Mu Foundation has been to try to make a difference in rural and/or underserved America, in places where the need to serve the gay community is great but resources are lacking. Many students from rural and/or underserved areas suffer harsh discrimination or marginalization from their families and communities.

14. If I am from a city, or going to school in a large metro area, am I disqualified?
No. Just make sure to highlight your own experiences in your essay answers. Many students in major metro areas have more of an opportunity to work in programs or clubs that promote diversity and tolerance—just the kind of student we like to support.

15. I am from a really rural area where there are no gay support groups, clubs, or organizations. Will that count against me?
Not at all. Many leaders and donors to our Foundation are from rural areas and we know how tough life can be for anyone struggling with decisions that face a gay student.

16. I will not hear from schools whether I have been accepted until after the March 31 application deadline. Will that count against me?
No. Just make sure to explain in your essay the various institutions you are applying to and when you expect to be notified of your acceptance. Since scholarship awards are made payable directly to the educational institution, we will notify you that you have won a scholarship by May 31 and confirm with you at that time the name and address of the institution you will be attending.

17. Do political, religious, or ethnic issues matter in the application process?
No. The Gamma Mu Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of religion or ethnicity.

18. I don’t know yet what I will major in at school. Will that hurt my chances?
No. We support students in all types of academic fields, trade, and professional programs. If you are just starting out in college, we realize that you may not have decided on a particular academic major or profession.

19. I have some other questions. How can I contact you?
Email us at: or leave a message at our toll free number 1-866-GMF-6007 and we’ll get back to you with answers!